Northren Kenya Adventure! Save the dates✔️

The Northern region of Kenya is vast and scenic. It is the home of a variety of tribes, and has remained comparatively inaccessible until now. Ranging from the lush highland green of the southern side of the Mathews range and Samburu National Park to the red sands of the northern borders with Ethiopia in the Chalbi desert, its terrain is varied, mysterious and extraordinarily beautiful.


Day 1: Nairobi to Marsabit
Depart early from Nairobi on Overland truck and drive north past Nanyuki and the beautiful farmlands of Timau to stop for fuel at Isiolo. Drive north and stop over for photos and sightseeing at Mt. Ololokwe before proceed to Marsabit, a cool mountain town in the North. Drive up to Lake Marsabit in time to see the animals coming out for an evening drink. The sunset from the hills are also worth the drive. Camp at the park gate for the night.

Day 2: Marsabit to Chalbi Desert – North Horr/Kalacha
After breakfast embark on crossing the great Chalbi desert. The journey leads you to a beautiful oasis at the edge of the Chalbi desert. The vast landscapes and sand dunes will amaze you. The crossing with skilled drivers on sand is thrilling. Spend the evening in bandas at the edge of the desert. The nights are great for stargazing.On this evening take an evening desert run before dipping in the pool at night.

Day 3: Kalacha – Marsabit – Samburu
Depart East to connect to the main highway, where you switch from the 4X4 to the truck and continue south to Nanyuki Town. Spend the night at a scenic campsite next to the river.

Day 4: Nanyuki to Nairobi
In the morning enjoy breakfast at camp. Later in the day head back to Nairobi to rest before return to work after Mashujaa wekend.


  1. Basic Toiletries
  2. Sleeping Bag
  3. Proper Comfortable outdoor Shoes
  4. Drinks and Beverages
  5. Mkeka hat or sun screen
  6. Warm Jacket
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Snacks eg. Crisps, biscuits, Sweets, cookies to last the trip
  9. Day Pack /Small Bag to carry your personal items
  10. Camera
  11. Identification card or passport
  12. Tip for crew and guides

C. Your Investment

Full Package Charges: KES 26,500

Package Includes:-
• Meals on Safari
• Transport on Overland truck and 4X4 Land Cruiser
• Camping and Bandas accommodation on sharing basis
• Professional Tour Guide
• Lake Paradise Visit/Tour
• Chalbi Desert Tour
• Marked Trail Route
Package Excludes:
• Entrance fees to Lake Paradise for Residents and Non Residents.
• Activity Extras: Ngare Ndare Tour
• En-route lunches and drinks at designated stops on the first and last day.
• Personal items as listed above
• Tips for Guides
• Medical and Insurance Expenses
+254 757 628532: PAYMENTS
Use MPESA Paybill 695596, Account Your Name
Confirmations: 0722143656

Explore The Hospitality Industry In Kenya

Zambezi Cabin Resort

Welcome to Zambezi Cabin Resort which is located 6Km away from Mai Mahiu town. The management ensures that the guests are offered the best services and enjoy their experience at our resort.

The operation hours at the resort is 6a.m to 11pm but arrangements for check-in can be made with prior notice.

Wake up to the view of Mt.Longonot from your room plus the cool breeze from the trees in their environment.

They offer both local and intercontinental meals to our customers. Breakfast is served to our guests from 6a.m. The service team works together to ensure that guests are served in time and that they are satisfied fully.

They not only value customers satisfaction but also the environment. In the resort they have very classic wooden chairs and tables for guests. The management discourages use of plastics and have trees and flowers in the compound for clean fresh air.

We have a variety of dining areas where our guests get to choose from either the Gazebo, Fine dinning and restaurant. The chef always have a special meal of the day indicated on the menu plus nyama choma offered daily on order at the resort.

The resort has a playground for children to have fun at the resort, a reception for events and picnics and team building activities.

The rooms are all standard. They are spacious and with a safe for our guests to store their valuables. The housekeeping team ensures that all rooms are clean and have all the guests specifications and quality services are offered to the guests so that they can enjoy their stay. The room rate is ksh 3500(BB) for single and ksh5500 for double rooms(BB). They also allow camping and provide tents at an affordable price to guests.

They have a well equipped sports bar to make sure that our guests don’t miss out on any sports and a lounge bar where guests can sit down, relax as they have a drink.

Their guests safety is assured as they have CCTV cameras and a perimeter wall with electric wires. The security at the entrance is also very strict to ensure that anything coming into the resort will not hurt the guests.

Other services for their guests
A conference room that can hold a Max of 100 pax
Private rooms that hold a Max of 10 pax
Organize safaris for guests
Group packages

They believe in working together as a team for guests satisfaction. Pay them a visit and experience hospitality on a new level. Visit for more information

Future Leaders start Leading Now!

Annual Global MICE Summit

The future leaders Workshop was held on 23rd August 2019 at United States International University(USIU). The theme was Skills Development for Developing The MICE Industry In Africa

The aim of Future Leaders Workshop is to inspire students in the industry and nature their careers and enterpreneurship ventures. The workshop targeted young persons aged between 18 & 35 within the Business Toursim Industry
David Macharia_C.E.O Versatile Photographers

David dug deeper about about marketing a company and how much effort one needs to put in basing on clients preference and satisfaction. Versatile photographers have a convincing power using their high quality and creative images, consistency in what they do and are relevance on social media thus the clients opt to choose them over all the other photographers in Kenya. He inspired youths by sharing his story from charging house helps in Kangemi KSH 20 for a photo but with a strategy of getting the boss to charging over KSH 500k for a wedding. He insisted that everything you do, do it with a strategy of attaining the best out of it.
Wanjiku.K.Kandie _C.E.O Waridi Events

Wanjiku represented the ladies well in the pannel and encouraged them that they have all it takes to penetrate and flourish in the industry but only if they have passion, patience and vision. She also inspired youths to be extra and creative so that they can get opportunities in the creative industry because chances are few. She also encouraged men to take up Event planning jobs.
Chris Kirwa_COO CateChris Limited

Chris addressed the youths on discipline. For you to get a job you have to show that you are reliable that is you arrive in time or earlier, dress appropriately and persevere no matter how hard it gets. He also encouraged youths to be open minded and vibrant so that anyone can spot potential and even offer you a job or recommend one. Always be aggressive to get what you want.
Johnson Mwakazi _C.E.O Royal Voice International

Johnson the man with the royal voice inspired the youths using three key words that is ;
Ability_ everyone has a specific ability question is how do you use it?
Identify_ know yourself your strengths and weaknesses and start building yourself from there
Responsibility_ stand and own up for the consequences of your actions and utilize your ability
He crowned it all by giving his story born and raised in Kindergarten slums to going for his dream to be on National Television and now founder of Royal Voice international

Bob Kalili_CEO Institute For Sustainability Affairs In Africa

Bob forcussed on sustainability in a business. For a business to be Sustainable it needs balance in Business (generate profit), People (Transform their lives) and Environment ( how does it improve). When starting a business use the Convergence model where you access yourself and use what you have to start as long as you understand your market and business motives.

It was a very interactive session where the audience asked questions and got answers. It was interesting to hear that the pannelists give opportunities for youths to learn the skills for example Waridi Academy and Versatile School of Photography and video but only the aggressive or ‘hungry’ ones get the chance. Don’t get inspired &Wait! The Future Starts Now!

Photo credits to Versatile School Of Photography& Video


Versatile adventures is an initiative aimed at creating awareness on the fast depletion of our wildlife, culture, tourism products and conservation in an interesting way of using photography. Photography In The Wild(PITW) is a project that happens in every month at Nairobi National Park where we explore the park, teach our clients on wildlife behavior and conservation ,teaching basic photography skills plus give them a chance to meet with different people in the tourism industry and network as they learn more.

The king of the jungle

Nairobi National park covers 170 square Kilometers and it is fenced on the eastern, western and northern parts while the southern part is left open leading to other conservancies.
Our day started up early in the morning and got lucky enough to capture landscape pictures with our city Nairobi in our background. The view was so breathtaking that we could not stop taking pictures besides the chilly weather.

Nairobi city in the background

Later in the day we were lucky enough to find lions doing justice to the hunted prey. We very surprised to discover that they feed together but fight over that food only the fittest get a piece thus survival for the fittest. We also noted that they leak their piece and the reason is so interesting because it is a way of feeding as their back tongue is very rough thus tears the flesh.

Feasting after a kill

At the National park we also have both the black and white Rhino. The most significant difference besides the body size and horns is the shape of the mouth. A white rhino has a very broad, flat and wide lip which make it easier for this animal to feed as it is grazer and requires a mouth designed for this. The broad muscular lips are ideal for gripping and tearing up grass and it quite noisily smacks its lips together as it feeds. In effect these large lips act as a non mechanized lawnmower. The black rhino on the other hand is a browser and feeds on leaves, shoots and branches. As a result it has a prehensile and pointed lip which it uses to grab hold of often very spiky trees.


It was interesting to see the young calves of a Buffalo who looked so different from their parents they are hairy and with small straight horns. We also noticed that the mother does not leave the calf alone. The calf walks closely behind the mother even in the big herd of Buffalos. Buffalos mate during the cold season and give birth during the rainy season when there’s plenty of grass and water.The more the horns are curved, the older the Buffalo

Mother’s bond

There are three species of giraffe besides the Masai giraffe we have the Rothschild’s giraffes and the Reticulated Giraffes clearly distinguished by their body patterns. The Masai Giraffes also known as the common giraffe are in the park too. The difference between the male and female giraffe is that the male giraffe has a middle horn while the female does not have. Giraffes life is very unique and interesting as they give birth and sleep while standing.

Tallest mammal in the world

An interesting fact about birds to distinguish the gender is the most colourful or beautiful is the male. A male ostrich is black in colour with a white tail and wing patches while a female is greyish or brownish in colour. Ostriches have internal fertilization and lay eggs which hatch to young ones. They mate same way as chicken. Here is a best shot by David Macharia of a male ostrich at the Park.

Largest bird in the world

It was a very amazing experience with lots of fun plus learning. Everyone who attended gained more knowledge on wildlife behavior and conservation as well as boosted photography skills. Photography In The Wild is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Join us next month on 7th as we do this again! Arts Transforming Lives



The Borana Community

We host the most colorful epic cultures in the country, the Borana, Rendille, Turkana, Samburu, Gabbra, Daschnats, Elmolo and many more have maintained their cultural bonds and traditions throughout the generations and their nomadic way of life has not been corrupted nor has it been influenced by the comings and goings of the seasons.

The Rendile Community

We need to package cultural tourism in our county and the new museum at the Ahmed gate will give us a footing to showcase our heritages under one roof.

The Samburu Community


OSA and Martin Johnson came to Marsabit in 1926 and they build a home in lake paradise and the “ Safari Museum “ in Arkansas city has been kept alive in their memory and showing the world memorable landscapes, people and their culture and the abundance of Gods creations before man became greedy.
I want to build a zip line over this crater lake. Imagine being suspended in the air , and gliding with no protection over this massive pool for a distance that is yet to be measured, alone !!!!! , would you dare call this an experience???? No, this is a life time dream come true. This is a memory that will remain with you for ever. This is Paradise.


The extreme sensation, a totally deferent experience from everything that you have ever known. A total waste land and a curse to many but an opportunity to the desert dwellers to see other humans. During the rainy months the desert turns into a lake because it happens to the lowest point in the surrounding lands , but evaporation here through heat and gusting winds is 100% so the waters dry up pretty fast and sand dunes get into patterns and shapes that will bog your memories for a long time. Her you will get to see the mighty camel, an animal that is almost worshiped in this parts due to its Enormous capabilities and oasis water points that jute out of the sand, “like God only knows how”.


Their deep-rooted traditions and the love for the only life they know, the nomads of northern Kenya search for pastures and water for their livestock every dry season and shallow wells get deep and deep every day as the dry spell dictates. The herders have a duty to water their herds and when they sing in the wells, it is not because they are happy, but they do it to forget their hardships, woes, and sometimes hunger.

They sing to encourage themselves and to send their prayers to their Gods. Disaster looms at all times and wells cave in many a time, but this is inevitable and acceptable due to the love and passion that they have for their livestock.


We will dedicate one weekend day twice every calendar month for families to congregate together at our campsite. We will encourage investors to provide children plays and family team building experience at no fee on experimental basis. We will build family bonds and in the process we increase visitation into the reserve.

This is part of my dream for Marsabit forest reserve.

Captain, Robert Obrein.
Asst. Director. Northern Conservation Area.


2018 In Photos.

What a beautiful year it has been for us. We have been able to enjoy the amazing marvels of mother nature in various parks and increased awareness on not only conversation but also tourism and culture. Our biggest achievement has been the various #PhotographyInTheWild excursions that we have had hence we thank you all for being part of our journey. Here are some of the best photos we have taken this year and look forward to taking even more. Enjoy as we wish you a prosperous 2019! Aluta continua!

Elephants at David Shedick Wildlife Trust
A lion and its cub playing.
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
An ostrich at Nairobi National Park.
Tell us the name of this bird and win a free Photography In The Wild.


We do not need any statistics to tell you that we need to conserve our environment. Climate Change and Global Warming are real threats that are now looking at us on our faces. The rain patterns this year alone and the prices of food can tell you that we need to hold hands and have an intervention for the purpose of existing longer on our planet. The Kakamega Forest Heritage Foundation is one of the organizations that are hell bent on ensuring that we restore back our environment to what it was. Before we started cutting trees, throwing rubbish all over the place and not considering which our source of fuel is and how it’s depleting the ozone layer. I know we are not as extreme as Scandinavian and Asian countries but we might as well be headed there. Urbanization is a serious virus that keeps giving people excuses to clear whole forests yet we are within reach of the Sahara Desert. Consider the number of cars people are buying and how much Carbon emissions they give off to our environment. It is sad and that is why we have partnered with the foundation.

It is not all about planting trees. It is about creating awareness to the grass roots. That village farmer and that young man who sells charcoal is the one who needs to know what you already know. We are proud of the Kakamega county for all the support they give the foundation in terms of seedlings, funds, activities and even security not forgetting law enforcement. Kakamega Forest remains to be one of the most nurtured forests in the region especially once the Kenya Forest Service discovered years ago that it was at the verge of shrinking. This year, the foundation organized the fourth marathon in a bid to create conservation. They also got support from the private sector, NGOs and CBOs not forgetting the mass media. We recall that the marathon was live on Viusasa, one of the digital platforms where Kenyans get TV content from their mobile phone. All that support shows that we can spread the word and if a few people follow suit, we can get better than we are. We also learnt that the Ministry of Water and Sanitation donated two million shillings to the course.

We had a tree planting exercise at the forest on the first day of the three-day marathon and it was inspiring even having members of the Kenya Defense Forces join us during the activity. It is high time that communities come together for more such activities across the country. It is not the responsibility of the government or any foundation to start these activities. It starts with me and you; paying a little attention to our surroundings. Where do we throw away bottles? What do we do with nonbiodegradable waste? Do we burn or recycle rubbish? Do we reuse water or do we waste it? How much agrochemicals do we use? We specially commend the government for banning plastic bags and further being strict about the use of charcoal as a fuel. These are some of the daily practices that feel normal yet they are destroying our future and the fate of the coming generations.

We had a tree planting exercise at the forest on the first day of the three-day marathon and it was inspiring even having members of the Kenya Defense Forces join us during the activity. It is high time that communities come together for more such activities across the country. It is not the responsibility of the government or any foundation to start these activities. It starts with me and you; paying a little attention to our surroundings. Where do we throw away bottles? What do we do with nonbiodegradable waste? Do we burn or recycle rubbish? Do we reuse water or do we waste it? How much agrochemicals do we use? We specially commend the government for banning plastic bags and further being strict about the use of charcoal as a fuel. These are some of the daily practices that feel normal yet they are destroying our future and the fate of the coming generations.

Let us plant trees in our home gardens. Don’t we just appreciate how clean the air is in the village because of all the trees that help purify the air? Compare it with the air in a town which is filled with all kinds of pollution not only from vehicles and factories but also from hotels. Let us plant trees in our schools and places of worship. Places where people gather are very strategic places to not only create awareness but actually buy young trees and start a nursery. Let us plant trees in our local community fields where we play those matches. Let us plant trees on the side and the middle of the road. Let us even plant trees where our offices are. Imagine if every Kenyan planted a single tree every month. How many trees would we have planted in a whole year? We trust that we will keep partnering with as many
organizations that make it their mission to conserve the environment so that we can document the events that are pushing these efforts in all the forty seven counties.

We will produce as many photos and videos that will create awareness in social media about the need to conserve our environment. This will be part of our campaign to make Kenyans realize that it starts with you. Sometimes we complain about the status quo when we can actually stand up and do something. We are not saying that it is wrong to cut trees but how about when you cut one you replace one. The late Wangari Maathai did amazing work with Karura Forest and Uhuru Park before starting the Greenbelt movement. That was her little contribution. What is yours? You can do a post on your Facebook or Twitter about conservation. You can plant a tree and take photos and post on your Instagram. You can write a song or compose a poem about conservation. You can do a short film or animation about it as well. You can print a t-shirt reminding people to be careful about littering. You can do a cleanup project for your local town. You can even write a proposal for your own marathon to spread awareness and find sponsors. There are so many ways to be part of the movement to save the trees. Walk with us on this imperative journey.

Investment forum and the art of food;for the food lovers!

It was a pleasure being invited to the Radisson Blu hotel. The conference we attended was the Africa Hotel Investment Forum(AHIF). Our photographer for the day was one of our best David Macharia.

The investors who attended this forum were from every state across the world. Speaking of investing in Africa and improving it was the agenda for the day. This was a sign that we as Africans have a fresh land full of potential that we do not realize.

We got a chance to meet a few delegates from across the world and headed for a sneak peek of the food they had prepared. My oh my! It was ravishing. The chef had prepared a stand-up lunch for the guests and the meals we exquisite.

Every cuisine known, every art created was just amazing. You could even tell how the guests would dig in without a say. The creativity that beheld everyone’s attention was perfect.

Taking shot after shot, David couldn’t get enough of it as he kept taking pictures in every area that served any kind of meal, be it the snacks, the beginner course, the main course, the dessert,all was too good.

We had a chance to have a bite of the meals there and boy oh boy! we couldn’t get enough of it.Such an events caught our attention as we realized that our youth weren’t in it.





It was heart breaking to see foreigners thinking of our continent and how to help it move forward when we have great minds back home,dormant,that can think of so many things to help us grow bigger and better. We hope and pray that we break out of our shackles, wake up and be the future and change we need.

Vivianne Waititu

Outdoor art of perfection.

Whenever you hear of an outdoor event,all you see is perfection but not the hustle behind the scene. As a photographer you know the what goes in your head as ideas drop in like floods. But as we know the client is always right.


Today was like any other ordinary day,I didn’t think I would have had the experience I got. Trust me when I tell you that art isn’t as easy as everyone assumes to be. The scenes behind the perfection is a hustle. As a photographer you know the kind of struggles you’ll get during the shoot considering its outdoors,so the climate isn’t consistent and you have to work with what you have got.

Also working with a makeup artist is compulsory if the client is onto the idea. So we worked with one today and her work was magnificent. She didn’t bat her eyelids as she seems to know every detail and requirement once she saw the client. We didn’t waste time on that section, and we were so grateful that we got a pro considering nowadays most make up artist in the business are not original.

The clients do not get this but once their material is out there,the praises shall rain on you like blessings but just make a mistake of giving them a certain expectation and you do not deliver all hell will break loose.

But not today,our client Brenda and her husband Tim gave us an awesome time. They were peppy and calm,enthusiastic,patient and understanding. Their sons were playful and boy oh boy a handful in a good way. We had fun taking the baby bump shots praying that Brenda doesn’t deliver in the middle of a session considering she was due her time frame.


To our surprise she was so energetic and lively which gave us an easy time. We are so grateful and hope you deliver soon so we can have another shoot.

This shoot wouldn’t have made it without team work. With the help of EdwinJoe a professional photographer and our student Vivian,we called it a wrap at the end of the day.
Much appreciated Brenda and Tim.

by Vivian Waititu.

Evolution of Photography in Africa

Evolution Of photography In Africa

Photography is a way of describing things, a way to express yourself and to show people how you feel. It is one of the most revolutionary additions to the advancement of human artistic expression since the days of black and white photos and today colored photos. In Africa we have the opportunity to tell our own stories in a unique way. Photography has been made easy with the use of smart phones, everyone is now a photographer. Its high time we learn how to capture images that create emotions and tell a story.

Versatile Photographers journey started during the film cameras. With the little resources we had, such as internet we adapted to the new technology. Digital cameras has made us to learn more about information technology to be able to use software that make our work stand out in commercial, portraits, Fashion, wildlife, events, conceptual and architectural photography.

Recently, we have invested in cameras that have wifi to enable us share our images in real time.

The Front Interior of our New studio at village Market 2nd Floor.

The Vintage Night presents the Evolution of photography hosted by Versatile Photographers at Village Market. Versatile photographers is celebrating a big milestone, a lifetime achievement as you get an opportunity to Network, Interact, share your business ideas, learn professional skills from corporates, existing businesses, and be introduced to the New Photography World.

Versatile Photographers

Versatile Photographers won the Most Innovative Photographer 2018 award in Kenya during the 2018 Business Excellence Awards. We have several innovations since we started and we look forward to partner with more professionals, governments, private sector and NGOs. Following are some of the ongoing projects.

Trophy awarded to Versatile Photographers for being the most innovative

Versatile school of photography

Versatile school of photography, which won the Best Photography school during the Kenya Wedding Industry Awards has produced creative whom lives has been transformed. We believe that everyone should be fully equipped and capable of exploring their world to find what is good in it, capture it and use it to tell a story that inspires others.

The major part of our course is practical assignments and photography projects to ensure you have refined and portfolio-worthy photographic skills by the time you complete the course.

The Versatile School of Photography won the Best school of photography award during the Kenya Wedding Industry Awards

Versatile Adventures

Versatile Adventures creates awareness of the fast depletion of wildlife and positively mobilizes people to join the conservation revolution through content generation using photography, videography and articles based on wildlife and their natural environment

There is an event which happens every month at Nairobi National Park, dubbed #PhotographyInTheWild a partnership between Versatile School Of Photography, Kenya Wildlife Service, Bigfoot Adventures, Camera Kenya, Hafla Events, Negesa Trails and Shish Events Kenya. David Macharia offers training on photography skills. During the Vintage Night there will be tickets to be won for #PhotographyInTheWild and you will get to have an experience of the wild animals, learn their behavior and wildlife ethics.

A team of Photographers, hobbyists, conservationists and tour guides during the #PhotographyInTheWild

 Versatile Art Gallery

Versatile Art Gallery is a collective of exclusive images captured in Kenya. The art gallery was established from the Worth More Alive campaign 2016 of the ivory burning which was participated by world leaders who are against poaching. Images are captured by local photographers and the sales made from the images sponsors a needy student at Versatile School Of Photography. You can support the project by buying a piece of art.

The Versatile Art Gallery at Hazina Towers branch in Nairobi CBD

Africa Stock Images

Africa Stock Images is a stock photo company aimed at enabling photographers and designers around the continent to showcase, tell stories and sell their creativity about Africa through our platform. Africa Stock Images is not only a company but a market platform that gives the world the taste of the African way of life. We are focused on delivering to our customers the best content available from our premium quality images.

One of our authentic African image with african people for sale for commercial purpose.

Versatile TV

 Versatile TV is a platform that engages different clusters of people in different niches in life by telling their story through photography and video. We focus on three areas that is; Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Mentorship programs. Many iconic businessmen in Africa have made it despite various hardships and the challenges never crumbled their vision and persistence in what they believed in. Lets transform lives through mentorship.

Eric Muriithi, CEO Blaze consulting offers business etiquette and soft skills.

Versatile Etiquette

Versatile Etiquette is a team of photographers and make up artists who teamed up their artistry to produce priceless images.  Make up artist apply and teach how to apply professional make-up to individuals. They also offer masterclass to upcoming make up artist who want to venture into weddings, glamour, special effects and Tv production. We also offer soft skills training in entrepreneurship, personal branding and business etiquette.

Sammy Kamau, our lead make up artist applying make-up in our state of art studio during a photo shoot.


Versatile Creative Hub

Finally, creative meet corporate. Versatile Creative Hub is a platform where creative minds come together to solve a problem in this trendy time of new technology. For so many years, corporate has operated with complex structures and due to technology like social media, they have no choice but to adapt the changing times.

This is where most young people fall in where they bring their creative skills to solve a problem. The Hub hosts photographers, designers, creative directors, film makers, make-up artists, event planners and any other creative category. With the new business trends, technology has created new jobs that are not yet in our formal school curriculum, Versatile Creative Hub creates a platform to learn these skills.

We have partnered with professionals such as Pepp Talk, LifeLine International, CateChris Limited to offer training in soft skills, personal branding, financial literacy, entrepreneurship among others. Membership fee is Ksh3,000 which include membership card, collective bargaining, mentorship, workshop and listing of your business in our website portal.


David Macharia, one of the main mentors of entrepreneurship to upcoming creatives

Asili Yetu (Coffee Table book)

David Macharia is a Creative lead Photographer at Versatile Photographers. His passion to wildlife photography started as soon as he learnt photography skills. His work has been nominated for several awards. Don’t miss this event as he launches his first book Asili Yetu and share his photography journey how to capture images that tells a story.

The Asili Yetu Afrika coffee book entails the life, behavior and ethics of the wild animals in Kenya which is available on order.


David will host an exhibition of his exclusive Images for auction during the event. The images are printed in high quality canvas and Frames. All proceeds go towards raising funds for the #PhotographyInTheWild and Versatile School of Photography projects. The project is a teamwork of photographers, bloggers, designers, event planers and tour guides.

David’s Macharia exclusive images exhibited at Nairobits Go-down centre. 


To be part of the event, Book your ticket by Wednesday 4th July, 2018.

Contact Person:
Kerren Irungu

Cell: +254722220978
Office: +254 721330767

Designation: Key Account Manager


Paybill 525676

Account No. -Your Name

Bank: Branch: Account Number: Barclays, Moi Avenue, 0751454287

Note: Sponsorship & Booking deadline dates are 30th June, 2018- The earlier your sponsorship the more the chances of visibility before the show. Get in touch with us for more information.

To be part of the event, book your ticket before Wednesday and support Versatile Photographers.                                                                                                                                                                                              Story written by Christine Mwaura